Ever considered introducing Peewee to Philomeena?

*ARTIST’S NOTE* Short break!

Hey, guys!

First of all, I just want to say THANK YOU for all of the support you’ve given this Tumblr, as well as the lovely questions!  You’re all so amazing~<3

I’m SO SO SO sorry there’s been such a delay with questions.  You’d think that I’d be less busy during summer, but apparently not :P  Questions probably won’t be answered again until early July at the latest; my family is going on vacation for a few days.

Thank you again for your support, and your patience! <3

Peewee, do you like Rarity, and Opal, do you like Spike? Rarity, do you like Peewee, and Spike, do you like Opal?

now dance

*ARTIST’S NOTE* Spike comes from the Buster Bunny School of I’m-Too-Cool-for-Pants.

So if you and Rarity are married, does that make Twilight Rarity's "sister-in-law" or her "mother-in-law?"

so Rarity what ever happened to that crush you had on fancy pants?

So...Spike why is Rarity "The most beautiful creature in the world"?

So how was the Wedding Party Pinkie threw for you?

*ARTIST’S NOTE* - I need to draw the party out in full some time - it was quite…eventful, I can tell you that!  No changelings or princesses taken prisoner, but still eventful!